Hi, I’m Nicole and Welcome to From Paper To Plate!

I love to cook and often turn to cookbooks for my inspiration.  I often find myself in the cooking section of a bookstore thumbing through cookbook after cookbook.  I usually start out looking up a technique or looking for advice on how to perfect something but I’m a very visual person and get easy distracted to the cookbooks that have managed to capture the food so beautifully.  Especially being an amateur cook the pictures help me to know what the end result should look like!

I believe that cooking should be fun and the recipes flexible, a starting point of inspiration if you will. In saying that, I also don’t know anyone, outside of bakers, that follows a recipe to a T.  I am constantly adding a dash of this or a pinch more of that.  It’s all about tasting, adjusting, letting the flavors meld and then adjusting again.  I asked my mother for her stuffing recipe once and all the measurements said “about” in front of them or followed with “to taste”.  Like any good cook she relied on her palette to tell her what she needed more of.  Please bare with me as I attempt to calculate measurements for the parts of the recipes I alter and I apologize in advance if an occasional pinch gets written in as well because I am very much like my mother!

Cooking for me has always been a way to express love and respect for my family and friends.  As I cook my way through recipes and make them my own, I hope you too find inspiration for those you love.

– Nicole


  1. This is wonderful!!! Did not know you were such a food enthusiast! Best of luck & looking fwd to following your blog.

  2. Your Mom told me to look up this new site. I had no idea!!!! Imagine my surprise when I saw your picture. WTG Nikki Nicole! Sending all my Love! xoxo

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